About Us

The genus Lathyrus has been a gold mine for researchers as it abounds in a variety of unusual amino acids and related compounds. These compounds have attracted the attention of a number of researchers the world over for their interesting chemical, pharmacological and toxicological properties.





My own interests have been focused on Lathyrus sativus a very hardy crop whose consumption by humans in several parts of the world has been responsible for the crippling disorder neurolathyrism and β-N-Oxalyl-L-α,β-diaminopropionic acid (ODAP/BOAA/DENCICHINE) the unusual amino acid associated with it. Of late a number of Patents have been given to ODAP/DENCICHINE for a number of applications





Over the years I had innumerable requests for samples of ODAP and ever since I had developed a method for its synthesis I had, whenever possible provided it and was also available commercially.





While my own active research career has come to a slow pace, I still keep getting requests for ODAP. There is still a need for further research with ODAP and with the plant itself like harnessing its enormous potential to fix Nitrogen. Realizing these I have taken up a small commercial venture and would be willing to supply ODAP and other related amino acids from Lathyrus species to bonafide users for a small price.